Wealth through Volunteering

kids handsMy #OneWord365 journey continues.

Wealth, as you know from my previous posts, means much more than monetary success.

Wealth can take many forms and can grow in arenas like Friendships, Faith, Family and Learning.

One major area important to grow your Wealth is in Volunteerism.

Volunteering has many impacts on a person.  Growth of your heart, growth of your personality, and the opening of your mind to a global view that leads to the generation of creative solutions to fix major societal problems.

Wealth from Volunteering doesn’t come easy however.

As children, we are ingrained with a helper attitude.  Kids love to help cook, clean and be “big helpers” as it is part of their hearts and a gift that I think God gives everyone at birth.

The challenge for us comes when we start letting life get in the way of that spirit of helping.

Middle school, high school, boyfriends, girlfriends, college, careers, marriage, kids etc. all throw life’s challenges at us.  And in huge bundles.

Once that happens, we suppress our volunteer spirit and once it is suppressed, it is hard to break out of the volunteer prison it is in.

If we just reach out and take a chance on volunteering as adults, we can break through and find child like helping heart again.  Once that happens, it becomes infectious and you want to volunteer even more hence the beginning of creating Wealth through Volunteering.

Wealth through Volunteering does the most important thing of all in our lives.  It re-prioritizes and moves life’s challenges from the forefront to the background and opens the doors to what impacts us via Volunteering.

Today, reach out and start volunteering somewhere.  Greet at church, work at a soup kitchen or help with Habitat for Humanity.  Anything that you like.

Then, and only then, can you start opening up your Wealth through Volunteering.




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