New Years Resolutions…Ummm…No

new-years-resolutions-twentysomethingsI used to head into the new year and always set some goals or make resolutions.

Honestly though, they never work out and are usually very similar year after year.

In reality, they were even the same as most everyone else hence the series of ads coming across tv. all magically geared towards these resolutions.

Eat healthy.  Save money.  Exercise more.  Bath more than once a week. (Just kidding, I do it twice)

So I do not do it anymore.  Why?  Because it sets me up for failure when there really was no structure for success to begin with.

Don’t believe me?  Find someone you know who totally stuck to their resolutions.  Most likely you cannot do it.

With the launch of 2013 I do however see a need for a fresh start.

2013 is the year I pray leads to some stability, health for family and friends, and a sense of control over the direction I want my life to go, not the direction others want it to go.

I ask this on the first day of the new year.

Do you make resolutions?  Keep them?  What are they if you can share.

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3 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions…Ummm…No

  1. I have for several years, but encountered the same problems. This year I am trying something different. Starting small and changing habits little by little. I hope this will work better than trying to kill myself in January by doing too much. This morning, I woke up earlier. Once I get this habit down, I will be able to do some other things with my extra time. I pray that 2013 brings you answers to your prayers above.

  2. Years ago I got off that wagon for the same reason… I don’t need to set myself up for failure by promising to do things I haven’t been able to do before. I do take stock, though, and evaluate what I’d like to accomplish in realistic areas. I’ll identify “intentions”… things I hope to do… but without promising or resolving, so that if I don’t succeed, it’s not quite so demoralizing. Funny thing… I seem more likely to accomplish intentions than I do resolutions. I guess it’s easier to succeed when the goal is something I want to do, not something I feel I have to do.

    One of the new things I intend to do this year is set aside one hour each day to focus on a desired activity. It may be some serious writing, cleaning a room or visiting a neighbour, or it may be something more frivolous… an hour of baking, or reading, or computing. But it’s an uninterrupted hour dedicated to something I want to do.

    Good luck on helping to forge a fresh start. And Happy New Year!

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