Need Behind The Need

When selling a good or service, it is not usually the “need” that is uncovered that moves a sale forward.  What moves a sale forward is the “need behind the need”.

You see, the “need behind the need” is the ultimate reason why a client would purchase something.  It is not that a client necessarily needs a certain product or service just to have it.  It is they need a product or service to satisfy something else entirely.  In other words, the purchase provides a solution to the cause of a problem.  The more you dig to find out what causes the problem (the need behind the need), the more likely you are to sell a client the right product or service.

For example:  My wife and I have a house cleaner.  We do not have a house cleaner solely because we just want one.  We have one because I travel a great deal, my wife works full-time and when we get home there are other things that have to be done.  The main one is spending time with each other.  So you see, my need is a house cleaner.  My “need behind the need” that we hire a house cleaner so that we can spend more time with each other and have stronger relationships.

Hopefully a good example.

Ironically, we may apply this concept in some form or fashion to our professional lives, but we rarely apply it to our spiritually lives.

We tend to go to church to satisfy the surface craving for God, but do not dig into what that service can address on a deeper level or throughout our week.

We read a bible and use the scripture to try and find a quick fix to a problem but rarely search deeper to see what actually caused our problem and how that scripture could fix it.

We sit on our faith and use it as a shield against life’s ills and difficulties instead of using it to ultimately prepare us for the tough times we know are coming.

Our beliefs, faith and our church are really designed to help us all uncover our own personal “need behind the need”.

We just don’t tend to let it do so.


(if this does not make sense….sorry…it totally does in my head)

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7 thoughts on “Need Behind The Need

  1. Sometimes I think it is very hard to see the “need behind the need.” We somehow manage to convince ourselves that need does not even exist. And when we do finally uncover it, we experience a freedom we didn’t know we could have.

  2. I agree many don’t do this, and it’s a great analogy you’ve made here Joseph. I think the big difference spiritually is that the need behind the need is often painful to uncover, so we go into self-defence mode, often without realising.

    When I sense I’m not addressing the need behind the need, I tend to go deeper by dedicating some time to fasting. But it took a lot of years to get to the point of knowing myself well enough to even recognise that I needed to.

  3. Ah, the need behind the need. I like the way you described this. I think we often need to dig deep into why we do the things we do and let others know the “real” reasons behind our actions. Sometimes they are selfish, sometimes they are rooted in continuing God’s Kingdom. Keep sharing your journey with the world, Joseph. As Christians, we all need to lift each other up!

  4. I wasn’t sure where you were going with this, but your example about going to church to “satisfy a surface craving for God” caught my attention because I wondered if you really thought that’s why the majority of people go. It’s certainly not why I go. I’m there on Sundays primarily to worship, praise and thank God, not to make myself feel good. I’m there various times mid-week to study, learn and serve. Feeling good may be a secondary benefit but not my main motivation.

    But I agree we’re often not very good at analyzing our motivations and sometimes it can be important to dig below the surface appearance. You’re making me think this morning! :)

    • Glad to make you think Carol.

      What I tend to see is countless people who “go through the motions” of attending church. They satisfy a “need” or a surface need and feel good about what they are doing…. What they are not doing however is digging to a deeper purpose of why they are there and using what the church has to offer in terms of finding that “need behind the surface need” if you would.

      This was one of those times where it all made sense in my head but not necessarily in my words :)

      • You’re making pretty good sense to me. For sure there are people who just go through the physical motions without any mental digging. They miss out on any value from their experience because they aren’t motivated to go deeper. Do you suppose that’s where the term ‘shallow’ comes from?

        Do you have any thoughts on what our responsibilities are if we recognize friends are in that situation?

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