planned abandonment

Lately I have begun an effort to rid my life of those things that are not going to allow me to “improve” my life.

Improve my career in terms of expanding my business and creating a better and more fruitful income for the years ahead.

Improve my marriage in terms of becoming closer to my wife. Looking at the little things that are the glue in our relationship.

Improve my friendships in terms of keeping those close who believe in me and are true friends while reaching out and pushing our friendships through missions, helping others and challenging each other to be better people.

I have struggled with accomplishing this until today. Not that my struggles are gone, but I have gained some clarity into how to make some of this happen.

A good friend Bobby Wright, sent me a book he thought I would like. Jesus, Life Coach-by Laurie Beth Jones. I am not sure if Bobby knew I was searching for some answers or just in his heart he knew I needed this right now.

In the second chapter, the author speaks about practicing Planned Abandonment. This is the act of abandoning those things that are good in your life for things that are great.

The story told is about Jesus leaving his practice of being a carpenter. He was really good as a carpenter but left that practice to do what we all now know as great. What if Jesus would not have practiced Planned Abondoment and just stuck to what he was good at?

This can include forgoing career choices for other opportunities, creating healthier friendships and ridding some poor ones, or simply moving from one volunteer position in a church where passion lacks to a new one where you thrive. What ever the case, the overall idea of moving from a good place to a great place in your life.

This idea of Planned Abandonment provides some clarity into goal planning. Do not focus just on the goal. Focus on what needs to be moved from good to great to achieve that goal. In my case, what I want to improve in my life.

So, here is what I am asking you. Spill your hearts out a little here.

In what part of your life do you need to practice Planned Abandonment?

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One thought on “planned abandonment

  1. i need to abandon the idea that i have even the slightest ability to determine what is best for my life. – without First listening to and giving all credit and Authority over my life to Him.

    Whenever i put my ideas ahead of His for me, i may do well in my earthly life but my Spirit will undoubtedly suffer at the same time.

    Vanity of Vanities – All is Vanity ( Eccl 1:2 )

    Jesus could have made a good living as a carpenter – or he could have made a great career move and chosen to move into flat-packed self-assemble furniture and made a fortune long before IKEA came along… but He chose to abandon such earthly pursuits in favour of following what His Spirit, under His Father’s instruction, commanded Him – and told us that He (That) was ‘The Way’, for those who would truly call themselves by His Name.

    Choosing ‘Planned Abandonmen’t has the potential to increase our productivity – are we going to choose to continue serving ourselves before others but increasing our productivity of a worldly nature – or choose to reject that in favour of following in His Footsteps and letting our Spirit lead us to where He wants us to be?

    Whatever the earthly cost??

    Can we ever REALLY follow Him?

    Can we understand the choice He made?

    Spirit Over ALL?

    There are times i think i see clearly , but far more times when i struggle in the doing.

    and it is a great struggle trying to live under two very different ‘masters’. :-(

    He has promised He will never abandon those who seek him sincerely unto life everlasting.


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