Wish In One Hand, Crap In The Other- Biblical?

Today, one of my best friends Ernie, said a quote that I not only laughed about, but later realized had a lot of deep seeded truth to it.  Now I know this quote isn’t straight out of the Old or New Testaments, but in many ways can relate to us biblically.

Ernie’s late Father Jim used to say, “Wish in one hand, crap in the other, and see which one fills up first”. 

We all tend to live our life “wishing” don’t we?

We all wish we had a better job, nicer car, bigger house, better clothes, cooler friends (no dis on Ernie- he is mack daddy cool) etc.  I often hear people even say I “wish” I could tithe more.

But what usually happens when we just wish-  NOTHING.

What would happen if Christian Missionaries “wished” they could help someone in a third world country?  What would have happened if Jesus would have only “wished” he could perform miracles?  What would happen if we only “wished” we had cool churches to attend and volunteers to make them amazing?

Answer- NOTHING.

Our ACTIONS are what drive us.  Our ACTIONS are what insure we reach those who need us. Our ACTIONS are what insure we reach non believers.  And, finally, our ACTIONS are what give us amazing places of worship to attend each and every Sunday.

That said, are you wasting your time holding a hand full of crap and “wishing” for something, or are you out there, taking ACTION and doing something about it?

I encourage you to read this blog I have linked….this is looking past “wishing” and taking action.


4 thoughts on “Wish In One Hand, Crap In The Other- Biblical?

  1. First, I know the only thing my Dad would have to say about anyone quoting him, especially on the internet, is “holy crap!” He never finished the 6th grade because he had to go to work to help support his family (he was the youngest of 10 kids who grew up crammed in a 2-room tar paper shack). Even though he never thought of himself as a “smart” man, he passed on to me more wisdom and understanding than any college professor or doctor.

    This leads met o my second point — He practiced your point perfectly. He never wished for anything without putting an action to his desire. For example, his life-long dream was to own a Lincoln Marc VII. After years and years of saving and searching, he finally found a Lincoln Marc VII that he could afford — his wish-come-true because he worked toward his dream. A dream is nice to have, but a dream-come-true is always worth the needed investment.

    Joseph, thank you for honoring my Dad in this way. I know he’s smiling down on us all right now. I will leave you with this…A single step toward a wish is worth more than a life-time of dreams.

  2. GREAT post, makes sense!!!! It just gets harder to ACTIVELY pursue something after you hit a brick wall, but then again, I’ve heard brick walls are there to show you how much you really want something!

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